Sign Stuff - Promotional Coro Signs              
  These signs are created using high resolution digital printing.  If you need large quantities of signs (50 or 100) and price is more important than quality, than you should check out our page on Screen Printed Coro Signs ( lead time 2 weeks).   *Quick Ship*   
    Order Ships 3 Business Days After Approval of Artwork Proof  
Text Only, White Background   Color Background and/or Artistic Layout    
Text Only Outdoor Life: Short Term   Color Background Outdoor Life: Short Term    
  Typical Use: Yard Signs   and/or Artistic Layout Typical Use: Yard Signs    
  Thickness: 4mm (3/16" approx)       Thickness: 4mm (3/16" approx)    
  1 Sided   2 Sided     1 Sided   2 Sided    
12"x18" $34 COR-TO1U-1218 $49 COR-TO2U-1218 12"x18" $39 COR-AL1U-1218 $52 COR-AL2U-1218    
18"x24" $41 COR-TO1U-1824 $55 COR-TO2U-1824 18"x24" $49 COR-AL1U-1824 $65 COR-AL2U-1824    
24"x36" $54 COR-TO1U-2436 $99 COR-TO2U-2436 24"x36" $79 COR-AL1U-2436 $99 COR-AL2U-2436    
The sizes below cannot ship UPS Thickness: 10 mm (3/8" approx)   The sizes below cannot ship UPS Thickness: 10mm (3/8" approx)      
4'x4' $149 COR-TO1U-4848 $259 COR-TO2U-4848 4'x4' $199 COR-AL1U-4848 $349 COR-AL2U-4848    
4'x8' $249 COR-TO1U-4896 $399 COR-TO2U-4896 4'x8' $299 COR-AL1U-4896 $449 COR-AL2U-4896    
    Quantity Discount          
      2 to 9 10 to 17 18 to 25 26+        
      10% 15% 20% 25%        
For a Text Only Sign, Start at Step 1 For Customer Supplied Artwork or Artistic Layout check options below & go to step 5  
Customer Supplied Artwork: requires high resolution electronic art  
Custom Artwork Layout, $69: we will create an attractive layout  
Step 1, Enter Text Text Displayed on Sign If you are providing artwork, complete the appropriate sections of this form before sending artwork. Email artwork to:  
We recommend a maximum of 4 lines of text on a Coro Sign. If you require more, please enter them in the comments section. Line 1:  
Line 2:  
Line 3:  
Line 4:  
Step 2, Select Font        
Font Style        
Step 3, Select Text Color  
Text Color    
Step 4, Select Background    
Background Color    
Step 5, Graphic Options Select graphic only if "Custom Artistic Layout" is chosen      
Graphic Name from catalog      
Graphic Number from catalog      
Our Graphics Catalog is available at this link:  
Step 6, Orientation        
Step 7, Special Requests Enter additional comments below: For example, you can use this area to request a custom size sign, a Font style or color not shown.  
Step 8, Size & Quantity      
Custom sizes are priced based on the next largest size (for example: 20"x30" custom size is based on 24"x36" price)   Quantity Discount is based on the Qty of each Part No. ordered. Quantity Discount    
  2-9 10-17 18-25 26+      
  10% 15% 20%  
  Enter Options Below Price As Configured  
Style Quantity Sub-Total              
1 or 2 Sided Discount              
Artwork Artwork Charge                  
Step 9, Do you need a Wire Step Frame?      
Standard Step Frame Heavy Duty Step Frame  
  10"x30" $2.95 COR-SSF     10"x30" $4.45 COR-HDSF    
    Quantity Discount      
  1 2 to 9 10 to 17 18 to 25 26+    
    10% 15% 20% 25%    
  Enter Type Below Retail Price Quantity Sub-Total  
    Dealer discount will apply to product total, freight is not discounted.  
                      Choose Size $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00  
Step 10, Pick a shipping method   Shipping Options      
  Pick a number below to select a shipping option on the right 1 - Hold for pickup at Sign Stuff Please Note:  The maximum size that can be shipped UPS is 130" Length + Girth.  Larger sizes must be shipped by ground truck.        
Complete the appropiate sections of this form before emailing artwork to 2 - Package for my shipper        
3 - Package & ship UPS Ground        
4 - Package & ship UPS Blue        
Name of artwork file emailed: 5 - Package & ship UPS Red        
Step 11, Shipping / billing information If order is shipped using your shipper, please provide shipper details below.      
Your Customer Service Rep will confirm your order by email.  If you wish to speak to a person at this point, call 866-647-SIGN (7446)      
Contact Phone    
Company Fax    
Street email    
City, State,Zip My Shipper is    
PO Number     Shipper Acct No.            
Your order for product =  Shipping= Total      
  Dealer discount will apply to product total, freight is not discounted.  
Ordering Terms:            
Payment is due with order, unless other arrangements have been made.   
If order is shipped, freight will be billed to Dealer.  
Prices and offers shown are subject to change with notice.      
Order form layout and concept copyright 2006 Sign Stuff, Inc.   Rev. 2/22/07  

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