We were selected by the City of Livonia Sign Shop to create new signs for their city hall campus. The signs shown are New England Style signs CNC routed out of PolyEngrave.  
        City Hall 1  
  Civic Center  
  Livonia Logo
  City Hall 2  
  Fire Dept City Library
  PolyEngrave is a high-density polyethylene that resists weather, graffiti, vandalism and resists fading and will not delaminate. You can expect years of maintenance free service in any climate. PolyEngrave is a nonstick material that protects against damage from markers or spray paint. Graffiti wipes off in seconds. Impact resistant PolyEngrave won’t crack or chip, so it thwarts the sticks and stones of mischievous vandals.
        More PolyEngrave Signs  
St Davids On The Pond  Buchanan Elementary.jpg
        Available Colors  
      White & Red.png White & Play Blue.png White & Green.png green & white.png White & Brown.png White & Black.png      
      tan & forest green.png Red & White.png Play Blue & White.png Blue & Yellow.png forest green & tan.png Brown & White.png      
      Note: These images illustrate the various color combinations. Due to the wide variances in computer monitors and printers, Sign Stuff does not recommend using these graphics for color matching purposes. Please contact your Customer Service Rep for samples.    
  Please contact me to discuss my requirements, I am interested in:    
    Address Numbers New England Style Custom Style    
  Contact Phone    
  Company Fax    
  Street email    
  City, State,Zip        
  To speak with a Customer Service Rep, you may call 888-454-0306 between 8 AM & 6 PM EST

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