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  These are ready to hang Vinyl Banners fabricated from 10 oz. or 13 oz. banner material  
  Text Only, White Background Color Background and/or Artistic Layout  
    Maplewood Text Banner                
Maplewood Artistic Banner
  Step 1, Enter Text & Specs Text Displayed on Banner Relative Text Height "  
  We will size the text based in your input, however, because of the banner size, actual text height may be smaller.  
  If you require more than 4 lines, you may send us a design file or we can create a layout for you for $39.  
  Font Styles Fonts     
  Special Request                
  Text Colors    
  Step 2, Select Background        
  Banner Color        
  Step 3, Graphic Options Select graphic only if "Custom Artistic Layout" is chosen      
  Graphic Name from catalog    
  Graphic Number from catalog    
  Our Graphics Catalog is available at this link:  
  Step 4, Orientation   Portrait  
  Step 5, Special Requests   Enter additional comments below: For example, you can use this area to request a custom size sign, a Font style or color not shown.  
  Step 6, Select Banner Style, Size, Finishing & Quantity    
        Prices shown are Suggested Retail  
    Enter Options Below Price As Configured   Quantity of duplicate Banners Sub-Total Custom sizes are priced based on the next largest size (for example: 20"x30" custom size is based on 24"x36" price)  
  Banner Style:    
  Banner Size:    
    Dealer discount will apply to order total (not including freight)   Savings Quantity Discount  
      Total without Shipping 2-4 5%  
      5-9 10%  
      10+ 15%  
  Step 7, Contact information Call 888-454-0306 to talk to a Customer Service Rep  
  If you would like to turn this Estimate into an order, please complete the Contract information below & click on the Submit buttom. We will send you a confirmation of your order by email.   If this Estimate is truly an Estimate and you do not wish to submit an order at this time, you may print out a copy for you records by clicking on the Print button below.  
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  Prices and offers shown are subject to change with notice.        
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